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About Us
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Portland professionals strives to build long lasting relationships. Below you will find information on why our services leave a long- lasting impression with our clients.

Concierge service:
When is the last time you got the best service from the biggest company (in anything)?

Our goals do not include becoming the biggest co-op resource referral organization in the Northwest. We are committed to being the very best without compromising the qualities of individualized, custom, personal service from each and every one of our member professionals.

It matters who we associate with! We can, and will be selective. We will not settle for anything less than full integrity among our colleagues. What we say is what we will do. We promise honesty, full disclosure, and independence. If we fall short in anything we will own-up to it and remedy it to your satisfaction.

We are full-time professionals who are life-long students of our crafts. Committed to state of the art continuing education, we learn from a wide selection of business educational materials and services and the finest of industry training. We depend on each other for the best advice when facing unique and challenging circumstances, which often come up in our industries - no transaction is like another!

Portland Professionals...
turning interested prospects into invested clients.

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If you are interested in advertising opportunities or membership, please contact us at or one of our members below.

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