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Portland Professionals was founded in 1999 by six original members (Steve Schmidt, Eric Bergeson, Scott Beard, Larry Wisher, Craig Lum, and Mike Sheakley) for the purpose of expanding our respective businesses through the exchange of referrals and leads with our ultimate purpose being to build lasting business relationships with people we know, like, and trust.

Our membership is selective so we are assured that each of our clients will receive the best possible professional advice and service that is consistent with their goals and is performed with the utmost integrity.

We have been successful in this endeavor as evidenced by the longevity of the group and the size of our membership. Our purpose is to continue to grow our respective businesses and further solidify the relationships we have with each other and our clients.

Portland Professionals...
turning interested prospects into invested clients.

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If you are interested in advertising opportunities or membership, please contact us at or one of our members below.

Eric Bergeson -
Larry Wisher

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